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How deadly is drowsy driving?


In California, a startling number of people confess to driving while drowsy. Though people tend to view it as “safe” behavior, it is dangerous in reality. Today we will look at the deadly dangers that drowsy driving poses. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe drowsy driving is a big risk. It combines many dangers present in both drunk and distracted driving. For example, a distracted driver cannot react to dangers if their eyes are not on the road. A drowsy driver cannot react to dangers if they fall asleep at the wheel, which is possible. A drunk driver has slow reflexes, and so do drowsy drivers. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributes many deaths to drowsy driving. According to them, drowsy driving is behind 72,000 crashes in one year. Of 44,000 injuries, there were 800 deaths. This was in the year 2013. Professionals also believed that reports underestimated these numbers. These days, the death toll may be up to 6,000 people a year. 

Another big risk is that anyone can drive drowsy. There are fewer campaigns pointing out the danger. In fact, many people even think it is a normal thing to do. It is not like drunk or distracted driving. Anyone who does not get enough sleep can drive while drowsy. 

Drowsy driving is every bit as risky as drunk or distracted driving. Individuals who drive drowsy know the risk and put others in danger anyway. Anyone who has lost a loved one due to drowsy driving has every right to pursue damages for their loss.