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How do TBIs affect your life?


California residents who are victims of severe crashes may suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). These injuries affect victims in many ways. Today we will discuss some of the changes you may face in life due to a TBI. 

Mayo Clinic looks at traumatic brain injuries. They have physical, mental and emotional impacts on the victims. On a physical level, many victims suffer from ongoing migraines or other head pains. Depending on the damage done to the brain, it affects parts of the body. Nerves may fire off, causing pain in various locations. You can suffer from slurred speech or muscular weakness. 

The mental impact also depends on injury location. For example, if you damage the frontal cortex, this is where impulse control lies. Victims with an injury here tend to be more impulsive. They are less capable of controlling their own actions. It is also common for TBI victims to have memory problems. These are often moderate or severe. Some people cannot remember things that happened moments ago. Others struggle with long-term memory. 

In turn, this can influence emotions and even personality. Many TBI victims suffer from increased: 

  • Agitation or irritation 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Anger 

They are more likely to lash out at others in some cases. This is sometimes startling and upsetting to loved ones. If a victim was not prone to these behaviors before, their loved ones suffer seeing them behave this way. 

Sometimes, these changes will go away as the injury heals. Other times, they last longer. It is hard to predict how a TBI will affect a victim.