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What elevated risks to motorcyclists face?


In California, there are many motorcyclists. The good weather is conducive to riding in vehicles without cover. Many people enjoy feeling the sun and wind. Unfortunately, motorcyclists face many dangers that other drivers do not. Today we will discuss these risks, as it may inform your decision to ride. 

The first risk is other drivers. When it comes to a crash, the motorcyclist will almost always suffer bigger injuries. Drivers in covered vehicles have more protection. If hit, there is not a huge risk of them flying out of the car and onto the road. They have large airbags. Cars act as anti-crash cages to keep drivers safe. Motorcyclists have little of this protection by comparison. Not only that, but other drivers cannot spot motorcyclists well. This makes them more likely to hit them. 

The weather is another risk. California has many sunny days, but what about the days with inclement weather? Motorcyclists must pay close attention to the weather. Slick road conditions increase their chance of crashing. They have less tire traction which means it is easier to lose the wheel grip on the road. This sends them spiraling out of control. 

Finally, roadway conditions pose a risk. This includes construction zones and even regular wear-and-tear. Any bump or pothole on the road can affect motorcyclists. They cannot drive over it like a regular vehicle. 

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