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Where are the biggest dangers for motorcyclists on the road?


California motorcyclists understand the risks associated with riding their bikes. But do they know what the biggest dangers are? Do they know which areas of the road pose the worst risks? Today we will talk about these areas and the danger they contain. 

Ride Apart takes a look at the risks associated with riding motorcycles. Motorcycles are susceptible to the environment around them. They are more influenced than drivers of covered vehicles. This means roadway obstructions affect motorcyclists more. An example may be an overgrown bush that covers a traffic sign. As motorcycles are small, riders often depend on road signs to keep them safe. If bushes cover these signs, the chance of getting into a crash raises. 

Certain road structures pose more risk to motorcycles even with perfect visibility. A four-way intersection is one of them. The more cars, the higher the risk of an inattentive driver not spotting a motorcyclist. This is one of the top causes of crashes between motorcyclists and other vehicles. 

Damaged roads or roads in disrepair are risky spots, too. This includes any road with potholes, lines, divots or dips. Speed bumps or steel plates may contribute to crashes in some cases, too. This is why many construction sites warn for motorcyclists to take extra caution. But when dealing with a worn-down road, it is not warned for. This can take motorcyclists by surprise and cause crashes. 

Sometimes accidents are hard to avoid. Unfortunately, motorcyclists must pay more attention to the road than other drivers. Their attentiveness can mean the difference between a dangerous crash and staying safe.