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Man killed in Modesto motorcycle accident with big rig


Many California residents own and enjoy a motorcycle, whether as a part-time hobby or as their main mode of transportation. Although these smaller vehicles can be fun to operate, unfortunately, motorcyclists are often more vulnerable on the road than car and truck drivers. Typically, in the event of a collision with a larger vehicle, the motorcyclist takes the brunt of the injuries, and this was the case in a recent motorcycle accident in Modesto.

The incident happened on a recent Wednesday afternoon. According to police, a truck driver was traveling north on a downtown street when he struck a motorcycle while going through an intersection. The male motorcyclist had been driving west on the cross street.

A police spokesperson has said that the motorcyclist, whose name was not immediately released pending notification of family, died from his injuries in the crash. The truck driver, also not identified initially, was not injured. Authorities are still investigating the crash and are looking for witnesses. They are also working to determine whether drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash.

Sadly, a motorcycle accident such as this one happens all too frequently. Sometimes, another driver is simply unaware of the smaller vehicle nearby, but often, other factors are involved such as drugs, alcohol or driver distractions. When the investigation concludes, evidence may indicate the truck driver is at fault. If so, the victim’s family members may consider contacting a California personal injury attorney. He or she can examine the accident details and determine the best course of action moving forward.