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How can I keep my motorcycle passenger safe?


If there is anything more enjoyable than riding a motorcycle on one of California’s many wondrous roadways, it is doing it with a partner. Riding with a passenger can be a lot of fun and add a lot of atmosphere to a joy ride.

However, injury statistics for passengers can be very high. It is imperative that you, as the motorcycle operator, do everything possible to ensure the safety of your passenger. According to Motorcycle Habit, teaching your passenger how to move with you while you ride improves handling and safety.

How should a passenger and driver move together?

Being a passenger on a motorcycle is very different than being a passenger in a car. Namely, being a passenger in a car does not require any real effort at all. However, being on the back of a motorcycle means that the passenger needs to be aware of what is going on around them and react accordingly.

Passengers should be comfortable leaning into turns, and also be aware of impending stops so that they can brace themselves appropriately. Otherwise, you as the driver may find them pressing into your back and pushing you forward during stops. This can be dangerous.

How can I be a courteous driver?

The best way to ensure a fun and safe ride for both you and your passenger is to communicate clearly. Particularly if you are a very experienced motorcycle rider and your passenger is new, refrain from the urge to show off the abilities of your machine. Once your passenger gets more comfortable with being on the road, you may be able to engage in some peg scraping turns and fast straightaways. But, start off slowly to ease your passenger into it.