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How can my attire increase visibility as a motorcyclist?


We’ve all seen bumper sticker warnings to look out for motorcyclists. Although motorists are more than responsible for looking out for everyone they share the road with, there are some ways motorcycle riders, like you, can try and become more visible on the road.

One way motorcyclists can attempt to become more noticeable is through clothing. According to a study on motorcycle accidents, researchers found that motorcyclists who wear bright or reflective clothing are 37% less likely to fall victim to a crash. Whether you prefer to wear all black or aren’t afraid of color, there are ways for you to pick riding outfits and gear that makes you standout for good reasons.

Daytime riding

If you aren’t too picky, then an easy way to try an increase visibility for day trips is by throwing on a bright-colored T-shirt. But you probably took the time to pick out a bike that matched your personality and color preferences, and maybe bright oranges or yellows don’t match your aesthetic.

To protect yourself without fully compromising your personal style, you can implement high-visibility elements into your outfit with outerwear. Depending on the weather or what suits your comfort level, a bright jacket or vest can be easy to put on right before you ride and take off when your reach your destination. Brightly colored outerwear can help you increase your visibility while riding without committing to a neon look all day.

Nighttime riding

To make sure you are more visible on night rides, you can add reflective features to your outfit. You can do this by upgrading your helmet or riding shoes to ones with reflective elements, or you could simply add reflective tape to a helmet or shoes you already own. You can also add reflective decals to your bike or rims, which will help motorists get a better side view of you.

Although buying new clothing or gear can seem like a chore, it’s worth saving yourself from becoming part of the thousands of motorcyclists who suffer from injuries and fatalities each year.