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What should you do after a loved one is injured in a nursing home?


While we rely on nursing homes and other care facilities to protect our loved ones, injuries occur every day. Nursing homes with 100 beds report around 100 to 200 falls every year, and many more injuries may go unreported. Because the health of your elderly loved ones can be severely impacted by these injuries, it is important that you know what to do if they experience a fall, bedrail accident, infection, bedsores or other common injuries.

Be sure that your loved one receives the medical care that they need.

Elderly people often face more serious health concerns after an injury, and they should receive medical care immediately to prevent their injuries from growing worse.

Document the incident as comprehensively as you can.

After an accident, you are sure to have questions. Where were they when the accident occurred? How did this accident happen? Did someone intentionally cause harm to your loved one? Did poor maintenance at the facility cause their injuries? Could it have been prevented? By documenting this information as much as possible, you can get answers to these questions.

This documentation also forms the foundation of a legal case against those responsible for your loved one’s injuries. While some injuries are simply the result of an accident, others could be warning signs for negligence or abuse on the part of nursing home staff. Documenting the harm done to your loved one can help you hold them responsible.

Document the medical bills associated with the accident.

Your loved one’s injuries may result in long-term costs. Document the medical costs associated with the injury, including their initial care and any recurring care that they will need in the future. Also record any costs associated with their long-term care if their injuries result in walker use or leave them bedridden. This will give you a record of the true costs of their medical needs.

Speak to an attorney.

If your loved one has suffered harm while under the care of a nursing home, reach out to an attorney. They can help you explore your legal options and ensure that your loved one gets the care they deserve.