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Car accidents involving high speed are often deadly


Likely, most California residents have, at some point while on the road, witnessed another person driving recklessly in some way. Typically, such behavior involves a driver traveling at a very high rate of speed. This type of irresponsible driving can happen for a variety of reasons, but in any case, car accidents often result, sometimes with fatal consequences. This is what happened recently when a crash killed two people in Santa Rosa.

The horrific incident happened very early on a Sunday morning. According to Santa Rosa police, a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed crashed into another vehicle at an intersection. Investigators have not yet determined which car had the green light; they also do not yet know the intended path of the car that was hit.

Unfortunately, the two adult male occupants of the car that was hit were both deceased when police arrived on the scene. The three occupants of the vehicle whose driver appears to have caused the crash were taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries; they are expected to survive. Police are continuing to investigate the incident. Reportedly, they do not yet know if drugs or alcohol factored into the crash.

People who drive at excessive speeds not only put their own lives at risk, but also the lives of their passengers, occupants of other vehicles in their path and even pedestrians and cyclists. The outcome of negligent and/or reckless driving behavior can be tragic, as it certainly was in this case. People who have lost loved ones in these types of car accidents, whether in California or elsewhere, often choose to explore their options with an attorney experienced in personal injury law. A successfully litigated wrongful death lawsuit may provide monetary compensation and some comfort to a victim’s family.