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Falls can lead to debilitating injuries


Many residents of the San Diego area and Riverside County have probably tripped and fallen.

Perhaps because it is such a common occurrence, it is easy to think of slip-and-fall accidents as no big deal, since, after all, a person is usually lucky enough to walk away without a serious injury.

But many people are not fortunate enough to just walk away from a fall. Broken bones, serious soft tissue injuries to vulnerable body parts like the back or the neck and even traumatic brain injuries are too common.

Falls are a leading cause of spinal cord injuries

Falling is also one of the most common causes of spinal cord injuries, ranking second only to automobile accidents. Overall, falls account over 30% of all new spinal cord injuries each year.

Among senior citizens, falling is the most common cause of spinal cord injuries.

As many Southern Californians probably know already, the consequences of a spinal cord injury are serious and permanent. In the most severe cases, spinal cord injuries will cause paralysis.

Depending on the extent of the paralysis, a victim will likely need a wheelchair or other mobility equipment and may require constant care just to do daily tasks.

Even a spinal cord injury which does not cause paralysis can still profoundly affect a victim’s daily life. The injury may mean that the victim will not be able to continue working in his or her profession. The cost of any spinal cord injury is exorbitant.

Many people who slip and fall will have a long battle ahead of them in order to recover. If their accident was the responsibility of a negligent person or business, then it is only fair that those responsible help share the burden.