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Why medication errors occur more often than it should


Everyone in California grows older every day. As people grow older, the body does not always work the same way it did when people are younger. Some people eventually will need extra care for their physical and/or mental complications. In order to receive the care these people need, the family may need to have them go to a nursing home. At these establishments, the people can receive the help they need for daily tasks and also receive the medication they need when they need it.

Nursing homes for the most part do provide the proper care, but nursing home abuse does occur and the people receiving care can suffer as a result. One type of nursing home abuse that occurs is that there are errors in the administration of the medication.

A study found that medication errors occur far more often than they should and found that there were a variety of reasons for the mediation errors. One of the most common types of error that occurs is that residents are given the incorrect dosage of a medication. This is attributed to the fact that the people administering the medication do not have a good enough knowledge of the medication. Some get confused by the generic names for drugs and confuse drugs that may sound similar or are packaged similarly to other drugs, which leads to giving the improper dosage.

These medication errors can lead to significant complications for the resident and affect their health. This can create additional health problems, which should have been avoided. If that occurs the victim may be entitled to compensation for the damages they suffered as a result.

There are many people living in nursing homes in California. They go there to receive the care that they cannot provide for themselves, but sometimes they do not receive the proper care. When that happens, it can lead to more health problems. If it does, they may be able to at least receive compensation for their suffering. Experienced attorneys understand errors that can be made and guide one through the process.