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Alcohol, road conditions, speeding all factors in deadly crashes


People in California may be more likely to be involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident in which speed is a factor on roads that are made of dirt, gravel or mud. In 2018, 45% of deadly motor vehicle crashes on these types of roads involved speeding.

Speeding and demographics

While speeding-related deaths are on the decline over the past 10 years, they still represent a serious threat, with excessive speed as a factor in more than one-quarter of deadly motor vehicle accidents in 2018. Across all age groups, men involved in fatal traffic accidents are more likely to be speeding than women, with the highest incidence among those aged 15 to 20. The likelihood of speeding decreases with age.

Road conditions

In some accidents, speeding as a factor in motor vehicle fatalities is combined with unsafe road conditions. For drivers on dry roads in 2018, speeding was involved in just 16% of deadly traffic accidents. The percentages increased for wet roads, roads that had slush or snow on them or roads that were covered in water, whether moving or standing. Drivers do not have to be exceeding the posted speed limit for speed to be considered a factor. A driver is said to be driving too fast for conditions when a less than optimal road surface, whether because of weather or some other situation, makes faster driving dangerous.

Alcohol impairment

Alcohol impairment may also be a factor, and for drivers aged 25 to 44 who were in fatal crashes, 42% were under in the influence of alcohol. This number then begins to drop substantially with age just as speeding itself does.

Auto accidents that happen as a result of speeding or some combination of factors, such as weather or driving under the influence, can lead to catastrophic injuries. A driver who causes one of these accidents may be responsible for paying compensation to people who are injured. Victims may want to contact an attorney to learn more about their situation.