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California car accidents: Driver and passenger seriously injured


When a person gets into a car driven by someone else, he or she typically trusts that the driver will operate the vehicle responsibly and prioritize safety for everyone in the vehicle and in its path. As most California residents know, in reality, sometimes a driver does not behave this way, and tragic car accidents can result. Unfortunately, this was the case when two men suffered major injuries in a single-vehicle crash in Ferndale.

The Humboldt Area California Highway Patrol have said the incident involved an eastbound sedan that crashed into a tree early on a recent Thursday evening. Reportedly, the vehicle had been traveling at a high rate of speed leading up to the crash. Apparently, the driver was not wearing a seat belt at the time, although the passenger was wearing one.

The driver and the passenger, both 39 years old, suffered major injuries. According to the CHP, following emergency assistance at the scene, the victims were transported to a local hospital. Authorities do not know yet whether drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash.

When the investigation concludes, evidence may very well indicate that the driver was impaired and/or speeding at the time of the crash and that these reckless actions caused the incident to happen. In any event, the injured passenger may consider contacting a California personal injury lawyer. When car accidents happen, often victims and/or surviving family members encounter a number of unexpected expenses, such as hospital bills, lost income, and possibly funeral costs. A successfully litigated personal injury lawsuit can help victims recoup such monetary losses as well as provide some comfort at a difficult time.