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Three types of dangerous driving distractions


Driving can be a tedious practice when a Californian is stuck in traffic or traveling along an empty and open highway. However, whatever the circumstances that present themselves, driving is a critically important task that requires the full focus and concentration of a vehicle’s operator. When a driver allows distractions to cloud their attention, they put themselves and others at risk of life-threatening motor vehicle accidents.

Driving distractions can take on many forms, but this post will address three categories of distractions that create dangerous situations on Southern California roads. When an accident occurs due to the negligence of a distracted driver, their victim may have options for seeking the recovery of their damages. A personal injury attorney can advise them on their options, and readers should recognize that this post does not provide legal advice.

Category 1: Driving distractions from technology

Since the advent of the mobile phone, too many drivers have attempted to multitask by operating their vehicles and dialing phone numbers while in their cars. Early car phones only allowed drivers to make calls; today, individuals can surf the web, send emails and texts, engage in picture calls, and do many other things with smart phones. As the functionality of mobile phones has increased, the number of technology-based distractions that pull drivers away from the operation of their vehicles has also gone up.

Category 2: Driving distractions from consumables and grooming

It is not uncommon to see drivers trying to eat their lunches while maneuvering their vehicles through Southern California traffic. Drivers who consume food, drink beverages, put on make-up, trim their beards, and engage in other personal care or consumption tasks while driving fail to put their full attention into the important work of operating their vehicles. Drivers who engage in these and other distractions can cause dangerous and even deadly accidents.

Category 3: Driving distractions from in-vehicle distractions

While some drivers make their driving trips alone, many individuals travel with others when they get into their vehicles. Drivers therefore can be distracted by the people they transport, and even the pets they choose to carry in their cars. The words, actions, and conduct of passengers can distract drivers from focusing on the road and can create hazardous conditions and damaging car accidents.

Driving distractions can occur from numerous causes and can result in running stop signs, rear-end collisions, illegal lane changes, and many other dangerous driving practices. Victims of distracted driving collisions have rights. They can explore their rights and options with supportive personal injury legal counsel.