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Traumatic brain injury and car accidents


People in California know that safety on the road is important. No one wants to have a car accident, but unfortunately, most drivers will experience at least one accident during their years behind the wheel. Many of them will be minor fender-benders where no one is injured. However, some drivers will have to deal with the aftermath of an injury sustained in an accident. For people with head injuries, the damage can be severe.

In a car collision, the head will often move forward and then back. Low-speed accidents may cause little or no damage, but if the collision occurs at high speed, the head may be whipped forward and back with significant force. This can cause real problems inside the skull. The brain will move, too, and be stopped against the hard bone of the skull.

When this happens, cells sometimes rupture. Waste products that were stored inside can affect other cells in the brain and cause them to die, too. The long, thin portions of nerve cells, called axons, can also be damaged. At the end of a collision, the brain can be very damaged even if there’s no obvious injury to the exterior of the head. Like other soft tissues, the brain can be bruised. Injuries to the axons make it hard for one part of the brain to communicate with other areas.

People with traumatic head injuries related to motor vehicle accidents can suffer greatly. At first, they may experience amnesia about the collision. They may also have behavioral side effects related to the injury, like lower impulse control or increased aggression. For anyone who’s been involved in a collision, it’s important go to the hospital and be evaluated. If there’s a TBI, injured individuals may want to contact an experienced lawyer about pursuing compensation for their medical bills.