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6 symptoms not to ignore after an accident


In the seconds after a car accident, you instantly are concerned if you sustained any injuries. You check your hands, feet, arms and legs. You look in the mirror and feel your head . When you only see minor scrapes, you count yourself lucky. However, because your body produces adrenaline when you are in an accident, you can have symptoms of an injury surface days, even weeks, after a crash.

You may have suffered a more serious injury than you realize. If you notice any of these six symptoms, you should seek medical care right away to ensure you are OK:

  1. Headaches or dizziness. Having continued headaches or dizziness days after an accident can be a sign you suffered a traumatic brain injury or concussion in the crash. A serious traumatic brain injury can be fatal, so you need to insure you get the treatment you need.
  2. Neck and shoulder pain. Having serious neck and shoulder pain after an accident can be a sign you suffered whiplash.
  3. Back pain. You may not have back pain until a couple days after your accident. Yet, having severe pack pain can be a sign you herniated a disk in your back or you suffered a spinal injury.
  4. Abdominal pain. Experiencing abdominal pain after an accident can be a sign you have internal bleeding, which requires medical attention to stop.
  5. If you have numbness in your arm or leg after an accident, that can be sign you suffered a spinal injury or have a herniated disk.
  6. If you have flashbacks or nightmares about your accident, you could be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD can be debilitating, leaving it difficult for you to get back in a car because of your fear. Also, keep in mind that children often suffer PTSD after a car accident.

Getting medical treatment for any delayed injuries after a car accident is not only vital to your health. If you need to file a personal injury claim, you want to get the compensation you deserve. That’s more likely when you seek treatment for your injuries right away. If at some point, you feel the insurance company isn’t handling your injury claim fairly, contact a personal injury attorney who can review your circumstances and help ensure you get the injury compensation you deserve.