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Slip and fall accidents: Man hurt by uneven rug, files suit


Every day, in California and across the U.S., many people stop at roadside gas stations/convenience stores to top up their fuel and purchase snacks or other items necessary for their trip. Like any other public place, these types of businesses carry a legal responsibility to ensure the premises are safe for patrons and, if an unsafe condition exists, to be sure customers are fully informed. If a business fails to maintain a safe environment, slip and fall accidents can easily happen, sometimes causing a great deal of pain and suffering.

Recently, a man filed a lawsuit against a food and fuel stop located in a different state concerning a slip and fall accident two years ago. According to court records, the man was inside the convenience store when he tripped on an uneven or bunched-up rug. The lawsuit asserts that his injuries resulting from the incident include, among others, a torn medial meniscus tear and aggravation of medial compartment arthritis requiring injection therapy.

Apparently, the man’s injuries prevented him from participating in many of his usual daily activities, including employment. In addition to suffering lost income, he has incurred significant medical bills while treating his injuries. Reportedly, the plaintiff is accusing the defendant of negligence and creating a dangerous situation for customers, and he is seeking a judgment exceeding $50,000.

Slip and fall accidents like this one can certainly result in serious and very painful injuries, often leading to burdensome medical expenses and, for many, lost income if the victim is unable to work while recovering. Often, evidence indicates that a slip and fall incident happened as a result of a negligent property owner who should have been aware of unsafe conditions on the premises and made the necessary repairs and/or warned patrons of the condition. California residents who have experienced a similar situation may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney to explore their options for legal restitution within the civil justice system.