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How can you choose a safe motorcycle helmet?


While cruising the roads, you never expect to get into an accident while on your motorcycle. Choosing the correct helmet can help keep you safe and protected in case of a crash or collision.

Pick the best fit

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is highly recommended for you to fit your helmet to your specific head size and shape. Neglecting to take your head size into account can lead to a loose and ill-fitting helmet that does not adequately protect your skull. Using a cloth tape measure is the best way to get an accurate measurement.

Note the safety sticker

The Department of Transportation has certain strict safety standards for helmets sold in America. On the back of any certified helmet, there is always an official sticker noting the helmet’s model and its compliance with the standards. Any helmet that is missing this sticker is unsafe to wear and will likely not protect you in the event of a crash.

Many of these unsafe novelty helmets do not have a foam liner, are too thin, and do not sit properly on a person’s head. The chin straps may also break mid-way through a journey.

Check the details

Besides the DOT sticker, you should also note several other details while purchasing a helmet. Skullcap designs or extremely light helmets, which generally weigh three pounds or less, are not safe for use. No spikes or other decorations poking out further than two-tenths of an inch should be on the outside of it.

By double-checking your new helmet, you can help keep yourself safer in the event of a crash.