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Accident statistics motorcyclists should know


Regardless of the climate or the harshness of wintertime, the tradition of motorcycling is particularly prominent with the arrival of spring and the coming of summer. Motorcyclists throughout California and the entire country ready their bikes for brief trips and long excursions.

Risks around every corner

From new to seasoned riders, these motorized two-wheel enthusiasts understand that the thrills that come with the open road also come with consequences, particularly when they share the road with car and truck drivers. In one split second, lives can change and, more tragically, end.

  • Three percent of registered vehicles are motorcycles and represent 14 percent of traffic deaths annually
  • Cyclists are almost 30 times more likely to die from their injuries than passengers in cars
  • More than minor injuries occur in nearly half of crashes involving motorcycles
  • Men account for a vast majority of deaths, both in California and throughout the U.S.
  • One-third of motorcycle accidents involve driving under the influence
  • Motorcycle accidents account for 34 percent of motor vehicle crashes
  • Collisions into fixed objects account for one-fourth of motorcycle fatalities

The risks motorcyclists face daily are significant, particularly when accounting for the reaction time they have to avoid accidents.

A life-changing or life-ending two seconds.

Even for those who survive a motorcycle crash, severe injuries are the likely outcome, particularly in accidents with larger motor vehicles. Cars and trucks enjoy the luxury of enclosures, seatbelts, and cutting-edge safety features. While they account for a significant percentage of accidents, many of those tragic events occur due to the negligence of another driver claiming that they didn’t “see” motorcycle riders.