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Dog attacks are on the increase


Taking a walk became a more popular activity that helped California residents during a worldwide pandemic. Walking trails were filled with socially distanced people to get out of their house to enjoy the fresh air, particularly during shelter-at-home orders.

Cabin fever was a problem throughout the nation, increasing the anxiety levels of not only people but also their dogs. Following the most recent National Dog Bite Prevention Week, a prominent insurer released troubling trends when it comes to canine attacks.

California is first in dog bite claims nationwide

State Farm cited a significant increase in dog bites last year, with California leading the nation. More than 400 dog bites resulted in $26 million in insurance claims paid out, according to State Farm. Nationwide claims were at $157 million in payouts. Their busiest month with these insurance matters was in March, as lockdowns were taking hold.

Anxiety made dogs more prone to barking, destructive behavior, and attacks that result in bites. Closing dog parks impaired social skills, making a bad situation worse. The problem may not magically go away when state residents slowly go back to their workplaces. Those who adopted dogs during the pandemic may also see their pets becoming more stressed by being left alone, which could lead to dangerous situations over time.

Owners can take proactive steps in preventing attacks by discouraging others from approaching the dog and wanting to pet the animal. Conversely, those who are not so vigilant can cause traumatic physical and psychological injuries.