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What are the safest cars on the road?


Even with fewer drivers on the road in 2020, fatal auto accidents increased. With less traffic, some motorists traveled at higher rates of speed and engaged in risky behaviors. Time will tell whether these trends continue. But now is as good of an occasion as ever to invest in a safer vehicle.

In February 2021, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety bestowed its highest safety rating, Top Safety Pick Plus, upon 49 vehicles, with 41 others receiving its Top Safety Pick rating. Only 23 vehicles earned the top award last year. The increase this year is due to an improvement in headlight quality among multiple automakers.

Volvo had more models selected as Top Safety Pick Plus than any other brand, with nine of its vehicles receiving the designation. The other automakers with vehicles making the list are:

  • Mazda: 7
  • Audi: 5
  • Subaru: 5
  • Honda: 3
  • Lexus: 3
  • Nissan: 3
  • Toyota: 3
  • Acura: 2
  • Genesis: 2
  • Hyundai: 2
  • Cadillac: 1
  • Ford: 1
  • Kia: 1
  • Mercedes-Benz: 1
  • Tesla: 1

Why safety features matter

While new vehicles are the safest vehicles, their cost can be prohibitive for some consumers. In 2020, the average price of a new vehicle was over $40,000. Yet, many preowned vehicles have comparable safety features to their new counterparts and cost far less. Features such as electronic stability control, blind spot detection and rearview video systems a­re standard on all new and many preowned vehicles. These technologies have helped prevent collisions and save lives.

Modern safety features offer people extra protection in car accidents. Yet, the actions of other drivers can still have consequences. To pursue appropriate compensation after a crash, motorists may want to consult a personal injury attorney.