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Pursuing compensation following an assault


Assault and battery is a serious crime that results in equally severe consequences. While criminal charges are often the outcome for the individual committing the serious offense, fines and incarceration do little to completely cover the injuries or other damages suffered by the victim.

Assault can take many forms that include both physical and emotional, ranging from unwanted touching to actual battery or more extreme acts of violence that leave someone seriously injured. Specifically, the attack must have signaled to the victim that harm or what is deemed offensive contact could occur or did occur.

The option of a personal injury claim

Those who have been assaulted have options beyond the criminal court and subsequent charges. They can also go after the attacker by filing a personal injury claim in civil court. Sending an additional message to individuals who harm other people is another form of justice.

A variety of financial damages can be pursued and include:

  • Compensatory damages – Those include medical costs and wages lost due to an inability to work following the assault
  • Nominal damages – Even if the victim did not suffer an injury, compensation is still possible for the attacker committing a technical invasion of their rights.
  • Punitive damages – This form of compensation punishes the attacker for extreme violence under particularly egregious circumstances.

For victims of assaults, the first step is to get the medical care necessary to recover from the post-attack trauma they suffered. While the criminal process continues, exploring options towards a personal injury lawsuit is worth exploring to help the healing process, both emotionally and physically.