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The growing impact of uninsured drivers


While a majority of automobile owners throughout the nation have adequate car insurance in the event of an accident, an alarming number of drivers continue to travel the roads without any coverage. A report from the Insurance Research Council reveals that 2019 saw more than twelve percent of motor vehicle operators choosing to negligently drive without insurance.

A nationwide problem

When looking at individual states, the numbers cover a wide range of both insured and uninsured. The number of Mississippi uninsured drivers jumped to nearly six percent – representing the largest increase – while New Jersey fell to the lowest rate (3.1 percent) in the country following a 12 percent reduction in drivers without insurance.

California saw its uninsured driver numbers increase. From 2015 to 2019, uninsured drivers in the Golden State grew from 15.2 percent to 16.6 percent, a 1.4 percent increase.

Driving without insurance carries significant consequences. Simply put, uninsured drivers will continue to drive. The severe impact on every driver results in the need for additional insurance coverage to account for drivers lacking the most minimal of policies. In addition to complicating the post-accident process, specifically the exchanging of insurance information, every policyholder will likely see a continuing increase in costs due to the irresponsible acts of a few.

Uninsured motorist (UM) coverage – not required in California – covers damages similarly covered in a  standard insurance policy, as does collision insurance. Payments go directly to the policyholder. As of 2019, uninsured motorist coverage costs $13 billion nationwide.

Responsible driving takes many forms. One of those essential components is insurance coverage in case an accident occurs. However, the most defensive of drivers can still find themselves in a complicated, post-crash process due to the negligence of others.