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How can road rage lead to car crashes?


While traveling on a highway, you may notice a variety of people driving around you. Some may appear to be unreasonably aggravated and attempt to follow you for long distances.

Road rage is a serious phenomenon that can lead to car crashes and long-term injuries. Knowing the signs of this problem is important for anyone worried about this behavior from other drivers.

Road rage has a severe impact on causes of accidents

Aggression behind the wheel can lead to unsafe driving resulting in approximately one third of all motor vehicle accidents. Continuing past stop signs without stopping, tailgating, or running a red light are warning signs of hidden rage. Someone may even drive over a curb or yard in order to chase another vehicle. These risky actions can lead to major crashes, especially if the angry driver is attempting to run you off the road.

Targets of road rage contribute to these problems with about half of these drivers behaving aggressively after experiencing this dangerous behavior. A shocking 37% of road rage incidents involve firearms, increasing the danger levels in situations where tensions are already high. Perhaps most shocking is that 66% of traffic-accident-related deaths can be attributed to road rage.

Dangerous speeding

Driving over the speed limit for an extended amount of time is a common sign of road rage. This person may tailgate you for miles while honking or yelling out the window.

Not only can this intense behavior frighten you, but it can also distract you and other people on the road. Speeding also makes it harder to stop or react quickly to obstacles in time.

Increased anger

If you notice the driver exiting the vehicle and coming over to talk to you, it could be because he or she plans to further escalate the situation. Some people with intense anger may try to harm you with a weapon or fight you once you step out of the vehicle.

Road rage can be unpredictable, since you never know who you will encounter next on the road.