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A high-profile dog attack


Dog attacks are usually characterized as outdoor events where an individual is attacked by a canine not properly restrained or off its leash. However, a recent and high-profile case of a mauling reveals that dangers also exist within the confines of a home.

A housekeeper working for rapper Chris Brown found herself the victim of a severe dog attack. According to a lawsuit, the “Jane Doe” plaintiff was putting garbage in a trash can on December 12th when Brown’s dog Hades attacked, “tearing out and ripping off large chunks of her skin from her face and her arms” while “screaming in terror and calling out for help,” according to her attorney.

She also alleges that no one in the house, including the defendant, came to her aid. According to the housekeeper, the dog was unrestrained and had free reign throughout the premises.

“Evidence” allegedly destroyed

Following the vicious attack, Brown had his security remove the dog from the house. A resident of Humboldt County, 600 miles away from Brown’s Los Angeles residence, reported a stray dog on December 16th. Data from a microchip revealed the home where the animal lived. The canine was euthanized nearly two weeks later due to its aggression and unsuitability for adoption.

The pre-euthanasia report cited the attack as a “high profile case” due to the celebrity status of the owner and the severity of the victim’s injuries that required 80 stitches in her face and arms.

Regardless of their size or strength, attacks by unrestrained dogs can result in both physical and psychological injuries. Owners from all walks of life and income levels who are lax in restraining dogs must be held accountable for their negligence.