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Helmetless motorcyclists continue to take risks


Motorcyclists do not have the luxury of the enclosed confines that come with cars and trucks. When collisions with larger vehicles occur, the outcome is usually the same, with the motorcyclist suffering serious injuries or death. Far too many crashes are due to a car or truck driver not “seeing” them.

Helmets serve as a last line of defense for those who prefer the two-wheel transport. Over time, the design of this all-important protective gear has grown in sophistication.

Mandatory safety helmet laws are in place

Still, many motorcyclists take to the road without protection, resulting in an alarming number of catastrophic consequences. Studies show that going helmetless increases the possibility of a brain injury by three times. In response, many states throughout the country have taken action by enacting statutes that mandate helmets despite protests from motorcycle enthusiasts.

California also enacted a universal helmet law that requires both drivers and passengers on motorcycles to wear an approved safety helmet securely strapped and fitting snugly with minimal movement.

In the realm of personal injury law, a motorcyclist involved in a collision with another vehicle while not wearing a helmet could create problems if the cyclist suffered injuries. Some see the lack of a helmet while riding a motorcycle as an act of negligence akin to speeding or violating other rules of the road. They could see their lawsuit immediately dismissed due to breaking the law or their compensation reduced due to their own negligence in not taking steps to protect themselves from harm.

Regardless of laws, the traumatic experience of a motorcycle accident affects victims and loved ones seeking answers, if not justice. With the complexities inherent in personal injury law, the best option may be to contact an attorney with experience and insight into the intricacies of these types of collisions.