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The resumption of road travel


The wide-open roads resulting from a worldwide pandemic put a pause on road congestion and traffic jams. Many drivers saw it as an opportunity to operate their cars in a more relaxed state. More saw it as an opportunity to drive fast and recklessly.

With the lifting of restrictions, many vehicles are returning to the road. For some, it seems as though the past 15 or so months caused them to forget how to drive. But is this really the case?

Have drivers forgotten how to drive in 2021?

Just ask any driver how bad other drivers can be while behind the wheel, even without a virus spreading throughout the United States. Many will claim that their driving is perfect, while seemingly everyone else lacks the ability and common sense to get from destination to destination.

Putting a pause on driving for so long may have impaired certain shortcuts, but a couple of times behind the wheel should “catch them up.” In addition, going without driving for a significant amount of time can result in forgetting the frustration that often comes behind the wheel. It may just seem like drivers are worse, but in reality many of us had similar perceptions prior to the pandemic.

Road travel will take time to reach pre-pandemic levels, if it ever does. Delivery services became more prominent and affordable. Instead of grocery shopping, getting the food and other necessities is as easy as opening the front door. Many employers are offering long-term remote work to their employees as well, reducing the number of drivers commuting to and from work.

Regardless of motor vehicle volume on city streets and highways, serious risks still exist when another driver is driving recklessly or under the influence. Accidents will still happen that will require legal representation.