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The tragic outcome of truck accidents


Navigating the roads and freeways of California presents inherent risks, especially when it comes to sharing the road with large, 18-wheel trucks. Those operating both large and smaller vehicles must take extra care and be proactive in identifying possible dangers that can result in catastrophic collisions. The smallest of mistakes can cause serious injuries and death.

Common factors that result in dangerous crashes

Truck accidents caused by negligent drivers of passenger vehicles include:

  • Driving in blind spots where the truck driver has limited or no visibility
  • Improperly merging into traffic that results in a truck driver moving out of the way or braking quickly
  • Speeding to pass a truck when an operator attempts to merge or change lanes
  • Suddenly entering traffic from the roadside without sufficient acceleration
  • Losing control by passing a truck due to cross-winds or air turbulence
  • Operating a smaller vehicle between two large 18-wheelers
  • Failing to get a disabled automobile entirely off the road

Truck-involved collisions caused by commercial truck drivers can take many potentially deadly forms and include:

  • Inadequate training in the operation of a truck properly and safely with a focus on defensive driving
  • Operating a tractor-trailer too fast or spending too much time on the road, resulting in driver fatigue and sleep deprivation
  • Employers that make schedules and set expectations that violate federal regulations and making it a condition of drivers’ employment
  • Trucking companies financially incentivizing drivers to violate regulations involving travel time and mandated breaks

The physics are simple and potentially fatal when a large semi-truck collides with a significantly smaller car. Victims of negligent and reckless driving can suffer serious injuries regardless of the vehicle they occupy. Help from an injury lawyer can help secure compensation for the injuries they suffered.