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Three reasons eating behind the wheel is a bad idea


Eating behind the wheel is a bad idea for many reasons, but there are three issues that may occur that make it extremely dangerous to you and others around you. When you eat behind the wheel, there is a risk of spilling hot or cold drinks, choking, and getting distracted while unwrapping your meal.

These three distractions are dangerous and potentially deadly, so it’s essential to look into ways to avoid them. Not bringing a meal with you is the best option, while parking or letting someone else drive while you eat may also be acceptable alternatives.

What makes eating behind the wheel so dangerous?

Eating behind the wheel is dangerous because of the risk of choking, spilling beverages, and getting distracted by unwrapping items you want to eat. The first issue, choking, is possible while you’re trying to multitask. With only one hand on the wheel, to begin with, you might have trouble reaching for a drink to wash down something that feels like it’s stuck. On top of that, if you start to choke, panicking may lead to a car crash.

Another hazard is spilling a drink. Hot drinks could burn you, and cold beverages may be surprising enough to take your mind off what you’re doing. Getting distracted by an injury or by trying to clean up the mess may lead to a crash.

Finally, there is the risk of getting into a crash due to paying more attention to your food than the road. For example, if you have to unwrap a burger, you may need to look away from the road. In just a few seconds, enough time will have passed for your vehicle to go into the wrong lane or hit someone who stopped ahead of you.

With these risks made apparent, it’s easy to see why you shouldn’t eat behind the wheel. Make the decision to pay attention to the road and be cautious. If you do need to stop for a bite to eat, pull over or go into the restaurant. You won’t save time, but you could save a life.