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What pedestrians and cyclists should do following an accident


Technology has increased the safety of drivers and passengers in cars. Cutting-edge innovations have made a significant difference in avoiding sideswipes and serious crashes through notifications or automatic stops to prevent a collision.

With traffic fatalities at the lowest point in around 40 years, the dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians have increased to a 30-year high as of 2018. No matter how safe it may be in a car’s interior, technology can serve as a distraction for many drivers, many of whom spend more time on the road operating larger vehicles.

When a car strikes a bicycle or a pedestrian, the outcome is usually the same. The driver of the motor vehicle will likely come out of the accident unscathed or with minor injuries. The cyclist or walker is usually not so lucky.

Staying safe post-accident and securing much-needed information

The moment you start walking or biking, you are a minority on roads where motorized vehicles are the vast majority. Should you be struck by a car, regardless of your choice of conveyance, certain decisions can potentially save your life.

  • Getting off the street to a safer place is paramount. If you were cycling, leave the bike where it is. It will serve as a critical part of the evidence to an investigator.
  • Call 911 or have someone close by make the call.
  • While initially, you may feel fine, stay where you are. No pain does not mean that you have not suffered an injury. Go to the hospital regardless of how you feel.
  • Talk to the responding police officer to provide your account of the accident, particularly what occurred in the second prior to the collision.
  • If you have not suffered severe injuries or are on your way to the hospital, get as much information as you can, specifically the name and badge number of the officer.
  • Secure the insurance and contact information from the party responsible for the accident and ways to reach out to witnesses after the crash.
  • Document the scene via pictures or video and identify the presence of any surveillance or traffic cameras
  • Review the final crash report with attention to every detail.

Proactive steps in the short time following an accident can make a difference. From there, the help of an experienced personal injury attorney can help to get to the facts and maximize your compensation.