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The impact of hazardous property conditions


Slipping and falling often bring embarrassment. In many other accidents, serious injuries are the result due to the negligence of property owners. Owners of residential and business property can easily fall short or be deliberately careless in maintaining their property to ensure the highest standards of safety.

Poor outdoor lighting

Property owners have a duty to ensure safe travel for both patrons and passers-by by simply ensuring safety by identifying and attending to possible hazards. Inadequately illuminating the area around a building can result in a victim tripping on curbs, falling in a parking lot, or tumbling downstairs, resulting in serious injuries.

Parking Lots

A successful business or lot where cars fill up every space has its benefits. However, wear and tear from patrons continuously walking on the surface can create potential hazards over time. Failure to patch cracks, fill holes, and even out uneven surfaces can result in a severe fall that leaves victims injured.


Defects on public sidewalks owned by municipalities are not the responsibility of a property owner. However, they do have a duty to maintain sidewalks and courts connected to the doors of their businesses. Exclusive use by customers who suffer falls that injure them makes property owners accountable.

Slippery surfaces

Even in California, inclement weather can create slippery surfaces. A business owner who ignores the accumulation of rainwater or, on rare occasions, ice, and snow, on their property can find themselves as defendants in personal injury lawsuits. Even in California, it can create treacherous conditions that lead to severe falls.

Slip-and-fall injuries often go beyond bumps and bruises. Many results in serious injuries that require hospital stays. Lost wages and medical expenses become a significant burden. Victims may be entitled to compensation with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney.