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Drivers blinded by distractions


The growing sophistication in technology has made life easier. However, when those cutting-edge advancements take attention away from driving, the driver can literally and figuratively lose sight of what is ahead of them.

A dangerous lack of focus

Inattentional blindness, also known as perceptual blindness, occurs when someone does not see something they don’t expect that is in plain sight. Not to be confused with distracted driving, where the vehicle operator is simply not paying attention to driving and is more concerned with texting and talking on a cell phone.

When it comes to driving, inattentional blindness means that drivers miss vital data and lose focus while their eyes remain on the road. Their own thoughts and even the radio become highly distracting. An intense focus on a destination or exit shields everything else that surrounds them.

Truck drivers, in particular, are often prone to inattentional blindness after driving for a significant amount of time and well above their mandated limits.

Reducing or outright preventing inattentional blindness is complicated based on the brain’s inability to absorb all the stimuli surrounding them. However, specific steps can help reduce it. Simply put, paying attention equals staying safe.

  • Put the cellphone out of reach as once the screen lights up, inattentional blindness takes over
  • Remain alert while continually refocusing as surroundings change
  • Professional drivers should live up to that designation and watch for distracted drivers, observe signals, and give other vehicles a wide berth due to possible inattentional blindness

No matter how safely you drive, accidents can still happen that require the representation of an experienced personal injury attorney.