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Preventing pedestrian accidents this Halloween


Pedestrian accidents are some of the most one-sided in terms of who receives injuries. When a car hits a pedestrian, it can be a miracle for them to be able to walk away with only a few scrapes and bruises. Children, however, are not as likely to sustain only minor injuries.

With children being so vulnerable in a car accident, it is important to do everything in your power to protect your children from these accidents, including on holidays. Halloween is the deadliest day in the year for child pedestrians, but with some proper precautions, you can protect them while they still have fun. Here are a few things you can do to look after your kids this Halloween:

Wear bright costumes

Visibility is a major concern on poorly lit streets at night. A passing car may not be able to see a child dressed in an all-black costume, but they might if the child was dressed in bright colors. It can be hard to convince your child to change their costume entirely, but there are still some options you can consider.

Visible props

When your kids are driven to wear dark costumes, try finding other ways to make them visible. Light-up swords are a common and popular prop that can ensure any driver can see them from the other end of the street. You can also insist that your children use glow-in-the-dark or light-up candy buckets to maintain high levels of visibility.

Rehearse street safety measures

Halloween can be exciting for kids of all ages. Whether your children are at a Halloween party or they are out trick-or-treating for king-size candy bars, they can still benefit from proper road safety tips. Talk to your kids and make sure they understand to look both ways before crossing the street, not to run near or across the street, and to cross only in safe locations.

Have a safe and fun Halloween

While Halloween can be a dangerous time for young pedestrians, fighting the odds and staying safe is possible. Promoting visibility and safety are key precautions anyone can take without sacrificing the excitement of Halloween. Make sure you work with your kids to keep them safe so they can enjoy this Halloween and the ones in the future.