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Did the Dog Whisperer’s canine commit a violent attack?


Cesar Milan, the well-known host of “The Dog Whisperer,” has helped countless canine owners with their misbehaving animals. His behavior modification techniques and the mandated exercise, discipline, and affection for dogs will keep them healthy and balanced.

If a former gymnast’s allegations are accurate, the trainer and television star failed to supply his renowned high standards to a dog with a history of attacks in a building he owns.

More than one mauling?

Lidia Matiss filed the lawsuit for unspecified damages claiming that, in 2017, she was visiting her mother, who works for Milan, when his pit bull, named Junior, attacked her. He bit her legs and left calf, requiring hospital treatment.

Prior to the attack, she was a promising gymnast in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics. The University of Pennsylvania had been scouting her before the violent incident ended her career.

Matiss also claims that Junior is allowed to walk the halls without supervision or a leash. Milan’s response alleged that she was well aware of the risk of being bitten and claimed that she acted negligently.

Part of her lawsuit revealed that Junior had also killed a dog owned by Queen Latifah. The rapper-actress brought two of her dogs for treatment at Milan’s dog psychology center in Santa Carita. Milan told her that the pet died after being hit by a car.

Milan denies that claim as well.

Even the best in training cannot prevent a violent and traumatic attack by a dog. Allowing the pet to wander without restraint creates a “perfect storm” of catastrophe, whether the incident occurs in a neighbor’s backyard or a building owned by a renowned television personality. Serious injuries can result that requires the help of an attorney with knowledge in that specific area of personal injury.