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Common driver mistakes that result in motorcycle accidents


A motorcyclist is always at a disadvantage when they get into an accident with a car. Motorcycles don’t have walls to protect the rider, nor do they have airbags that can absorb the impact of a crash. That is why, if you ride a motorcycle with frequency, you must know about the most common drivers’ mistakes that result in serious motorcycle accidents. By knowing the most common causes of these crashes, you can take preventive measures to avoid getting into one.

Turning left and changing lanes in front of a motorcycle

42 % of all motorcycle crashes occur due to drivers failing to see motorcyclists. Most times, a driver fails to see the motorcyclist when they turn left or change lanes. You can avoid getting into these accidents by staying away from the vehicle’s blind spots. You should also increase your visibility by wearing bright clothes. 

Distracted driving

Motorists can also injure motorcyclists if they don’t pay attention to the road ahead. If a driver gets distracted with their phone or their radio, they can easily collide with a motorcycle.  Because of this, you must try to leave enough space between you and the other cars, especially at night when visibility is poor and the chances of running into a drunk driver increase. Another way to prevent collisions from behind is by stopping in the side rather than in the center of a lane.

Opening doors without looking first

A serious accident can happen if you are riding at full speed and someone opens up their car’s door in front of you. This can occur if a passenger or driver fails to notice that you are approaching the vehicle. Colliding with a car’s door at full speed can be fatal, so you must avoid riding between an active traffic lane and a row of parked vehicles whenever possible.

Your right as a motorcyclist

The best way to avoid a collision is to obey the traffic laws and ride defensively to protect yourself from another’s mistake. However, even by taking precautions, a driver can hit you. In this case, you would have the right to ask them for compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and repairs to your motorcycle. You don’t deserve to pay for another’s mistake, and you can fight for your rightful compensation in court.