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Dollar General’s troubling pattern of safety violations


Dollar General is a chain of variety stores throughout the United States. Headquartered in Tennessee, the company currently operates approximately 18,000 locations nationwide as of October 2021. More than 150,000 employees nationwide greet a steady stream of customers into their facilities.

Hidden dangers. Severe consequences.

Running stores that save money for consumers is ironic considering the countless fines levied against Dollar General courtesy of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Since 2016, the price tag has grown to $3.3 million following 54 inspections, including more than $300,000 following the most recent inspection in a Mobile, Alabama store.

Inspectors allege that the main storeroom, considered less than orderly, blocked exits for potential emergencies, created the potential for slip and fall hazards and falling boxes, and prevented access to electrical panels. The investigation is only the latest of many. OSHA continues to document a pattern of utter disregard for safety measures.

The latest inspection is more evidence of an ongoing and highly “troubled history” of continued safety violations from seemingly non-existent safety measures that could prevent injuries or death should an emergency occur. Continuing to hold them accountable represent important steps in avoiding catastrophic injuries

As each inspection reveals new dangers, Dollar General continues to grow. In September, the company announced its first store in Idaho to continue its expansion to 47 states. More stores mean more staff and customers, not to mention continuing visits from OSHA inspectors.

Retail stores have an obligation to keep their customers and employees safe. Falling short of the highest standards of safety puts everyone in a facility at risk. When negligence results in significant harm, the help of a personal injury attorney can make a substantial difference in holding negligent parties accountable.