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Could safety technology help keep teen drivers safe?


Auto manufacturers know that glowing reviews about a vehicle’s safety features could help it sell. Parents wishing to purchase a car for a teenager might look at positive points about advanced safety features as a big plus. There’s a good reason why some Georgia consumers may appreciate all the added safety tech in a car. Teenagers might benefit significantly from the assistance safety tech intends to deliver.

Safety technology could make driving safer

Safety technology has its limitations, and people should not expect that even the most advanced system will compensate for highly negligent driving. That said, the availability of alerts and warnings may send the necessary signal to a teen driver when dangers arise. Seat belts and airbags could save someone when a collision occurs, but advanced tech may help prevent a crash.

The Highway Loss Data Institute points out that insurance liability claims involving Kia drivers under age 25 decreased by about 57% when the vehicle manufacturer installed the “Kia Drive Wise” suite of safety tech features. Data examining other tech suites inside other manufacturers’ vehicles displayed encouraging data as well.

Lending help to a younger driver

A 20-year-old can only rely on a few short years of experience to support safe practices on the road. Even when the driver is safe and considerate, car accidents may be unavoidable. Sometimes, a lack of experience could limit how the young person responds to hazards. Safety technology could utilize cameras and warning alerts to assist. The inclusion of parking assist or rearview cameras could cut down on minor fender benders.

Other tech features, such as automatic brakes or collision alerts, may prevent a horrible accident. Some accidents could result in far worse than property damage. Accordingly, parents and their children alike might appreciate the presence of safety technology.