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Who faces the greatest risks for road accidents?


The term “road user” highlights the fact that motorists are not the only ones traveling on streets and highways. Bicyclists and pedestrians, among others, could travel along the street in a designated area or merely try to cross the road. While motorists might share Georgia roads with walkers or bicyclists, they don’t necessarily share the same risks. The chances of severe injuries affect pedestrians and bicyclists at higher rates.

Risks that road users face

Of course, motor vehicle operators face accident risks. Intoxicated and distracted drivers may cause serious, fatal car accidents. However, someone in a heavy-duty pickup truck or a full-sized SUV has far greater protection than a pedestrian. Airbags and steel frames, among other protective elements, may reduce the chances of getting hurt. A bicycle helmet and knee pads only do so much.

While a vehicle might have a greater level of protection, the exposure risk might be higher. Walking and bicycling might be popular for some, but far more people commute with a motor vehicle. Drivers may spend a far greater amount of time on the road and travel further distances. They could also travel at high speeds and deal with inclement weather. A pedestrian might stay home in the rain, but someone driving home from work may have to deal with bad weather and its hazards.

Accidents and injuries

A personal injury lawsuit may arise after an accident involving negligence. Both cars and bicycles may hit a pedestrian, but there are situations where the pedestrian is liable, such as a pedestrian running into the street and causing a car to swerve out of the way and crash. The pedestrian might face a lawsuit seeking compensation for repairs and injuries.

Insurance may cover expenses after an accident, but there’s always the risk that a claim will be denied or that the insurer will offer a low settlement. In these cases, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the only way to receive adequate compensation.