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Should I accept the first settlement offer after my accident?


A car accident can quickly become expensive for the accident victim. When bills begin to pile up, so does the pressure to accept a settlement offer. The cost of an accident with medical expenses can cost someone thousands of dollars or more, yet it can be hard to know what is a fair value for a personal injury claim.

You may think it is a blessing to get a quick cash offer for your injuries, but there are some things you should consider before accepting any offer.

What you should know in your personal injury claim

The first thing that everyone should know about their personal injury claim is that insurance companies are not on your side. They may appear to be looking out for you with a quick settlement offer, but they are more than likely offering you a small settlement to save costs on your end.

The next thing everyone should know is the full cost of their injury. Expenses for a car accident do not stop with the initial medical bills. Lost income, future operations, physical and emotional therapy, property damage, and even pain and suffering are all costs for which the liable party should be accountable.

The last thing everyone should know about personal injury claims is that they do not have to go through their claim alone. A skilled personal injury attorney is the ally that an accident victim needs to protect their best interests. An experienced lawyer can negotiate for fair compensation based on an accurate estimation of your total expenses, and not just the ones you have already experienced.

Do not make a decision without a lawyer

When insurance companies begin pressuring you to accept a settlement offer, let a lawyer do the talking for you. You should focus on your health after an accident, not how you will make ends meet. By having a lawyer you can trust at your side, you can protect your health and your future after an accident.