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Did you suffer from a TBI during a crash?


Car crashes serve as one of the most common ways for people to suffer from head injuries. Due to the high velocity and harsh impacts involved, many individuals also suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

These injuries can cause lifelong problems for sufferers. Even more than that, if left untreated, they could do even more damage. This is why it is important to identify a TBI quickly and seek appropriate medical care. But how do you do that?

Mental signs indicating TBIs

Mayo Clinic discusses how traumatic brain injuries manifest, giving plenty of red flags and signs to keep an eye out for. Behaviorally, someone with a TBI may show signs that something is amiss almost right away. They could display extreme confusion and memory distortions or loss. Some seem unable to recall where they are or where they intended to go, while others cannot recognize their surroundings or the people with them.

Emotional instability and deregulation also serve as common warning signs. For example, victims may show aggressive behavior towards loved ones, such as adamantly or even violently refusing to seek medical attention despite clearly needing it.

Immediate physical red flags

Physically, some signs may take a while to manifest or may grow more notable over time, while others appear quickly. In extreme cases, victims may fall unconscious or even comatose, which is an immediate giveaway that something is wrong. Others may suffer from splitting headaches or ringing in the ears. They may struggle with balance, experience nausea, or suffer from nerve pain or numbness.

Upon noticing any such signs, it is pertinent to get the victim medical attention. This is the best way to handle a TBI, as it ensures quick and necessary treatment.