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How to Avoid the Most Common Summer Personal Injuries in California


Summer is quickly approaching, bringing warmer weather, longer days, and more gatherings. However, it also brings a variety of new ways to get hurt. Many types of accidents become more common during the summer, and they can ruin the entire season for you. Many of these injuries may not be your fault, either. 

If you want to enjoy a healthy and happy summer, it’s worthwhile to understand the most common injuries you could face and how to avoid them. Below, we’ve broken down the accidents that become more frequent during the warmer months and what you can do to stay safe. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes are a year-round phenomenon, but there’s often a spike during the summer. Accidents are more common and may lead to more severe injuries. There are several reasons for this:

  • More people drive drunk because of the increase in social gatherings caused by the warm weather.
  • Motorcyclists take to the road in force to enjoy longer days and sunny weather.
  • More people are driving in general as vacationers explore everything California has to offer.

The increase in traffic, drunk drivers, and motorcyclists naturally leads to more and worse accidents. 

The best way to avoid these types of accidents is to drive defensively. If you take to the road assuming other drivers will make poor decisions, you’re better prepared to react and avoid a crash that could seriously injure you. In addition, you should always wear appropriate protective gear if you’re a motorcyclist yourself. 

Water-Related Injuries

Summer in California means that people flock to their local beaches and pools. While spending time in the water is an excellent way to cool down, it can also lead to serious injuries if you’re not careful. The most common types of water-based injuries include:

  • Falls on from poorly-maintained, slippery surfaces
  • Water aspiration and potential pneumonia
  • Infections from untreated water
  • Drowning 

The worst offenders for these types of injuries are public and private pools. These facilities can quickly get overcrowded, making it difficult for lifeguards to identify if someone is struggling in the water. If there are not enough lifeguards, or if they neglect their duties, a day at the pool can end in long-term lung damage or even death. 

Additionally, inadequate maintenance of pool systems and infrastructure can make the water itself dangerous. For example, poorly chlorinated water can spread everything from E. coli to Legionnaire’s disease. 

To stay safe at the pool, never get in water that seems too crowded or unsupervised by a lifeguard. Additionally, if the water smells strange or has an odd color, stay on dry land. 


For many people, summer means bonfires, grilling, and lighting fireworks. After the winter of heavy rain California experienced, these activities may be less risky than normal. However, any fire can still lead to serious burns. 

Even with wetter conditions, your neighbor’s bonfire or grill could still cause a fire that spreads out of control. Similarly, negligent fire safety by local authorities could lead Fourth of July celebrations to become hotbeds for burns. 

If you will be around fires this summer, ensure you know fire safety procedures. Always have an extinguisher rated for the specific type of fire on hand so you can immediately put out stray flames.

Sports Injuries

Many people are more likely to participate in sports during the summer when long hours of daylight make it easier to practice outside. However, sports and other physical hobbies often lead to unnecessary injuries. This is particularly true if you receive negligent instruction, rent defective equipment, or play at an unsafe facility. 

Coaches are responsible for teaching their players the safe and healthy way to play their sports. If your teacher doesn’t do that, you may get injured through bad technique or overly aggressive play. For example, a negligent football coach may encourage their players to tackle more roughly than necessary, leading to spine and head injuries. If you notice pain or have concerns about the safety of what you’re being taught, always seek a second opinion.

Meanwhile, bad equipment and dangerous facilities can also cause problems. A slippery running circuit can lead to falls and joint injuries, while defective safety gear can cause more injuries than it prevents. Check the condition of your space and your equipment before you start to play to protect yourself from accidents.  

Yard Equipment Accidents

Summer requires more time spent taking care of your yard. Defective equipment, like lawnmowers, weedwhackers, and hedge trimmers, can cause serious injuries if it fails. Every year, hundreds of people wind up in the emergency room for lacerations and even amputations caused by lawnmower accidents. 

While you can’t prevent a retailer from selling or renting defective yard equipment, you can take some precautions. Always turn off your equipment entirely when not in use. Wear appropriate protective gear like gloves and safety goggles if necessary. Never place your hands near blades unless the machine is entirely turned off and the safety is engaged. This may not prevent injuries from defective equipment, but it can help you avoid most accidents. 

Get Help After Your Summer Accident

If you’ve suffered any of the summer injuries mentioned above, you’re not alone. Many businesses neglect basic safety and maintenance, and people like you often pay the price. If you’ve been injured in these common accidents, you can get help holding the liable party accountable for their actions.At Ellis Helm, APC, we specialize in representing accident victims in Temecula and the San Diego metro area. Our California personal injury lawyers can help you determine whether you have a case and how to seek compensation for your losses. Learn more about how our California accident law firm can help you recover from summer accidents by scheduling your consultation today.