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Dog Bite Prevention And Care


Dog Bite Prevention And Care

Dog bites can be painful and expensive, so people should know how to prevent them and, if a bite cannot be avoided, how to treat it.

The last thing most people in California would expect when approaching a friendly-looking dog is a sudden burst of aggression. Despite their generally tame nature when properly trained, all dogs have the potential to inflict a nasty injury on anybody in the form of a bite. Dog bites have a higher risk of infection than many other kinds of wounds, and can be difficult to treat. Typically a dog will give warning signs when it is feeling threatened, but there are times when a bite can happen without warning. That is why everybody should be aware of how to prevent a dog bite, and how to care for the injury if it does happen.Dog bite prevention

Ideally, by taking precautionary measures and being careful of the animals one interacts with, a conflict and possible bite scenario can be avoided entirely. The following list of tips from WebMD will help people prevent these situations:

· While it may be instinctive to try to run away if a dog becomes aggressive, it is important to move slowly to a safer place and avoid eye contact.

· When meeting a new dog, letting it sniff and approach at its own pace is the best method. The approach towards any dog should happen slowly.

· If a dog is eating, just let it finish eating before trying to interact with it.

· If there is an unfamiliar dog and its owner is not around, it is better to just stay away from it.

Remember that all dogs have different temperaments. The behavior of the dog that someone chooses as their pet can vary greatly with the animal’s personality.

Dog bite care

In the event that a bite does occur, the wound should be properly cared for as soon as possible. It is not always necessary to visit the doctor when bitten by a dog, but it is definitely needed if the dog has not been vaccinated, as rabies could be contracted. A doctor’s visit is also warranted if the wound is deep and bleeding, as these puncture wounds carry a high risk of infection. Minor wounds from a vaccinated animal that do not develop swelling or redness should be fine to treat with an antibiotic cream and bandage. However, even a minor wound should be inspected regularly to make sure it doesn’t get worse.

Those in California who have been bitten by a dog may have to seek medical attention, and the treatment can get rather pricey depending on the severity of the wound. An attorney in the local area who practices personal injury law may be able to help get financial compensation for the medical bills, and for any pain and suffering resulting from such an incident.