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Grilling Safety Tips For The California Summer


Grilling Safety Tips For The California Summer

Avoiding grilling accidents this summer is easier with the right information and tips.

With California’s warming temperatures, many will take to their patios and backyards and fire up the grill in the company of friends and family. To better avoid accidents and the legal consequences that sometimes result from them, you should brush up on a few solid safety tips. The right advice can save lives and property and possibly even maintain relationships between friends and family.

Distance matters

Grills should be kept at least 10 feet from your residential property, and that is especially important if you live in an apartment and grill on your patio or balcony. While keeping that distance can be a challenge if you do live in an apartment, you should at least remove as many flammable or combustible materials and objects as possible from around the grill and keep a close eye on the grill.

Take precautions before firing up the grill

Before using your grill, take a few moments to make sure everything is in good order. This means checking the connections, cylinders, hoses and tank for leaks and signs of damage. To see if there are any leaks, mix dish soap and water together and apply it to the grill’s connections and hoses. Pop the grill lid open and activate the gas. If you notice any bubbles, chances are you have a leak to address.

Keep your grill as clean as possible

Be sure you take out time to give your grill a good scrub down after each use. Doing so gets rid of leftover fat and grease, both of which can kindle a fire. Specifically, you want to scrub the grates, wash the burner protectors and wipe off the burners. If you have a gas grill, you should have it professionally maintained from time to time.

Use the right starter

When looking for grill starter, be sure you buy the right kind, such as starters made specifically for either gas or electric grills. Additionally, it is best you not use any other flammable liquids to keep the fire going as there is no telling how they might react when used in a grill. When you are not using the starter, be sure you keep it well away from open flames to sidestep unnecessary mishaps on your property.

Have a fire extinguisher or bottle of water handy

Water bottles are good for taking care of minor fires while fire extinguishers are necessary for larger conflagrations. Be sure you have a fire extinguisher made for grill fires and that you know how to use it properly.

The above tips can help avoid a grilling disaster, but they are no guarantee. Should you become injured by a grill while on someone else’s property in California, consult with an attorney.