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How Injured Parties In California Can Heal From Lower Back Injuries


How Injured Parties In California Can Heal From Lower Back Injuries

Gain insight on how to boost your recovery from a lower-back injury with a few handy suggestions.
Through no fault of your own, you sustained an injury to your lower back, either in a motor vehicle accident or while you were on someone else’s property in California. While you are figuring out how to recover financially since your personal injury accident left you unable to work for a while, you also need to focus on recovering physically. Here are a few solid tips to get you started:

Rest If you were physically active before your accident, you might dislike the idea of sitting still while your back recovers. Your back needs to rest just like your muscles between workouts to help the recovery process. How long you need to take it easy is something that should be discussed with your medical care provider and any physical therapists you might see.

Use ice

Icing your back is another good idea to help the healing process, specifically through reducing your pain and addressing any swelling you might have. What you will want to do is apply ice to your lower back for 20 to 30 minutes every three or four hours. Even if your back feels like it is starting to heal over time and you can move around more, it does not hurt to keep using ice to better prevent setbacks.

Visit a chiropractor or massage therapist

Even if you do not sustain a personal injury, it is still best to schedule a visit with a reputable massage therapist or chiropractor to maintain optimum spinal health and comfort. Such professionals can speed your recovery, relieve your discomfort and offer tips on steps you can take at home to heal. Hop online, or even ask
personal injury law professionals, for recommendations on quality medical professionals in your area.

Heat your back

In addition to icing your back, you should also apply heat after icing your back for two or three days. Soaking in a warm bath or using either an electric heating pad or a hot water bottle works fine.

Use a foam roller

Maybe you cannot afford a physical therapist, chiropractor or massage therapist. Or it might be that there are not any good ones in your geographic area. In either case, you can use a foam roller instead. Use the roller as a massager over painful areas of your back, going back and forth on the roller for about 10 minutes.

Get a belt or girdle

Special girdles and belts are available for those with back injuries. You will be better off asking a physical therapist or your physician about which belts or girdles are the best for you.

If your injury is the result of someone else’s negligence in California, you should not have to pay for your recovery out of your own pocket. Do not hesitate to reach out to a personal injury attorney for compensation.