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How To Avoid Road Rage


How To Avoid Road Rage

Drivers can avoid road rage by continuing to drive, staying focused on themselves and remembering to take calming breaths.

When California drivers are stuck in stand-still traffic, tempers can start to rise. According to the Chicago Tribune, fatal crashes linked to road rage have increased by nearly 500% over the course of a ten-year span. With this rise, more and more vehicle operators are going to be faced with angry driving, whether from themselves or someone else on the road. Everyone who gets behind the wheel needs to do their best to stay coolheaded to keep the roadways as safe as possible.

Keep moving

When an angry driver starts to tailgate another vehicle, it is best for the other person to keep moving in accordance with traffic laws. If a person were to stop, it could lead to a potentially dangerous confrontation. Instead of stopping, anyone who feels singled out by a raging driver should try to distance him- or herself from the angry person. This can be done by exiting a highway, slowing down or changing lanes. Even the angry driver needs to remember to keep driving and to continue to follow the rules of the road.

Keep focusing

It can be easy for someone on the road to start focusing on the actions of those around him or her. However, drivers should try to remain focused on what they are doing rather than trying to respond to the actions of other vehicle operators. For example, if a person makes an angry hand gesture, it is best that anyone else involved to simply ignore the gesture. Even making eye contact could spur the aggressive driver on.

Keep breathing

When faced with traffic jams, those behind the wheel may start to feel rushed, which can lead to impatience and anger. Drivers need to remember to keep themselves as calm as possible when operating a vehicle to keep themselves, their passengers and others on the road safe. This can be done by taking deep, calming breaths as needed and doing the following:

  • Giving slow drivers the benefit of the doubt-they could be new to the area.
  • Avoiding honking the horn.
  • Keeping a safe following distance even when the other vehicle is traveling slowly.

When everyone is focused on marshaling their reactions, it can keep the entire roadway a little calmer and safer. People need to keep themselves calm and collected to ensure road rage does not become an issue.

Californians need to know how to stay calm when behind the wheel and what to do when confronted with an angry driver. Whether road rage played a factor in an accident or not, it may be beneficial to work with an attorney who is familiar with the ins and outs of car crashes.