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How To Handle Personal Injury Medical Bills In California


How To Handle Personal Injury Medical Bills In California

Find out how to handle the financial impact of suffering a personal injury.

There is a lot to process after being involved in a personal injury, not least of which is taking care of any medical bills that result from injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. Besides seeking legal advice about car accidents and other personal injuries, there are additional avenues to explore for alleviating your sudden financial burden.

Work with your auto and health insurance provider

For both accidents that were and were not your fault, it is best that you work closely with your insurance provider. If you have health insurance, you might have an easier time taking care of medical bills, not to mention receive compensation faster than you would if you were to rely solely on your auto insurance provider.

Accurate documentation is key

With both health and auto insurance claims, you will need accurate and thorough documentation to stand the best chance of receiving the claim you are owed. Document any x-rays and other medical examinations you received as a result of the accident, resulting therapy sessions, the cost of transportation to get to and from the doctor, medications and prescriptions and the circumstances that led to your personal injury. When your insurance provider requests additional information, respond promptly to help speed up the process.

Look for alternate sources of income

Even if you do your part to work with your insurance agent for your car accident or dog bite, it can still take a while before you receive the financial compensation you need and deserve. In the meantime, hospitals, physicians, clinics and the like want their payment, and you might need a bit of financial help as well if your injury left you unable to work like you used to.

Go through your home to see if there are any items you do not want and can sell online. For items you know are valuable, have them appraised, or do some research to see what a fair price would be for them so you do not undersell them or ask for too much. Have an extra room in your home? If so, think about renting it out. If you do decide to go this route, research your legal obligations in regards to making sure the room, as well as your home, is up to code.

If you have marketable skills, you can look into becoming a freelancer, potentially working from home and setting your own schedule. Writing, shooting video, making music, consulting and taking photographs are just a few examples of common freelancing occupations.

Anyone who suffers from a personal injury in California that was not their fault should have the right legal support. Reach out to an attorney today to explore your case and your legal options.