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The Final Frontier The Brain


The Final Frontier: The Brain

The brain is confusing because even experts do not know everything about it. This means a brain injury can be tricky to diagnose and treat.

Brain injuries are serious because we do not know much about the brain. When a person injures his or her brain, there is always the possibility of complications or something happening that the Californian doctor could not predict due to limited knowledge. It really is the one part of the body that largely remains a mystery, and what we do not know could be dangerous to your health.

Constant discovery

According to Live Science, scientists are constantly discovering things about the brain, but every new discovery brings new questions. For example, they recently found a new neuron, but they cannot figure out exactly what it does.

We know people can live without all of their brain, and we have learned quite a bit from the effects of removing different parts of the brain, such as what functions each part affects. We also get to see how the brain may compensate for a missing part.

The fact remains, though that what we do not know is more than we know. This is despite the fact that we keep learning more all the time. The brain is just that confusing.

Nothing makes sense

One of the biggest issues with the brain is that it does not always make sense. According to Neuroscience News & Research, looking at frontal lobe injuries tells this story well.

When someone suffers a frontal lobe injury, he or she may seem perfectly fine. The assessments that doctors currently have often miss this type of brain injury, which is unfortunate because it is very common. Such injuries may occur easily in accidents since this area of the brain is located right behind the forehead.

The wide range of symptoms a person may have due to an injury in this area of the brain are sometimes subtle. A person may seem perfectly normal, but notice only slight issues with functioning in daily life.

Even the affected person may not realize something is wrong. This may be because this part of the brain controls self-awareness and assessment, so they cannot realize something is not right.

New discoveries

Newsweek notes that some discoveries do lead to good things. For example, scientists recently discovered how water gets to the brain. This can have a huge impact on treating traumatic brain injuries because swelling is a huge concern.

When there is swelling in the brain due to excess water, the current treatment is to drill a hole in the skull. This is not ideal because it can introduce infection. Knowing how water gets to the brain could lead to discoveries of better ways to keep excess water from building up.

Any injury can be serious, but a brain injury always comes with many risks simply because science does not know everything it needs to know to treat injuries properly. If you suffered a TBI due to an accident, you will probably need a lot of care, so it is important to seek the advice of an experienced attorney, such as Ellis Helm, APC.